What our happy parents say

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mrs. Janelle Lundberg’s in-home child care to you. After the birth of my daughters I left the workforce for a short time to stay home and care for them as my wife and I split time staying home and caring for the children. Economic challenges made it financially necessary for me to return to work. One of my neighbors referred me to “Janelle’s Place,” and I was always exceedingly happy with the care and education she has provided for my children.

Mrs. Lundberg has turned a portion of her home into a child care facility. She is assisted by local High School students and her daughters when needed and only takes six children, although she is licensed for twelve. She accepts children ages infant to three and prepares them for pre-school. My girls were sad to leave Mrs. Lundberg when they started pre-school, but I occasionally take them over for a visit. Mrs. Lundberg is patient and kind while still maintaining discipline and gaining the utmost respect of the children in her care. I encourage you to schedule a site visit at Mrs. Lundberg’s and take the time to look around and meet with her.

John H

September 2014

Janelle has the qualities of an outstanding caregiver. She is warm, nurturing and affectionate. her love and appreciation for each child’s unique personalities is clearly seen through the care she provides. it is a pleasure and my good fortune to have Janelle look after my daughter while I am at work, She considers her a second “mommy’ and I trust Janelle completely with the care of my daughter.

Cindy P

My daughter spends over 40 hours a week with Janelle. Her house truly is my daughter’s second home. I find Janelle to be calm and compassionate towards the children. The kids seem to enjoy their time at Janelle’s and are in good moods at drop off and pick up times. She has an array of toys for the kids, feeds them a variety of foods and provides structure (e.g. snack time, meal time, story time, music time etc.) While my words give an idea of Janelle’s service and character, the one thing I would like to share with you that brings me the most comfort, is the hug my daughter gives Janelle every morning when I drop her off. She never hesitates on the transfer from Mom to Janelle and proceeds to lay on Janelle’s shoulder and hugs her until I walk away.

Jamie D

Janelle has been instrumental in my daughter’s development and security. She is flexible, professional and kind. She and her family have provided a beautiful role model to our girls of what a “family” ought to be. We could not have asked for more. She has so much love in her heart to go around.

Sandra C

Janelle has taken care of my son for two years and I have found her care to be excellent, She treats the children like they are part of her own family. She has a very patient, understanding and caring personality that fits perfectly to the daycare environment.

Peggy S

Janelle has been absolutely wonderful! She has always been loving and caring with our daughter, whom at times would rather stay there at the end of the day than come home. I have never worried about my daughter while in Janelle’s care, and always felt she was in the best and safest care. All the community that knows her has nothing but great things to say about the entire family. Janelle is one of the best people we could ever find for our daughter’s care. It is obvious every day how much the kids mean to her and how much she puts into each one of them. She is wonderful! Our daughter loves her and so do we!

Kristin S

We had used several child care providers before Janelle, and were quite apprehensive with finding another provider, but we were quite impressed with Janelle. She has an open door – policy and is always open to communication and suggestions. She always will let you know how the day went (good or bad). Janelle is also able to help when it comes to potty training. She will work with you and your child – make suggestions to just let you know her true feelings. We trust her tremendously and feel she is the best child care provider out there to care for our children.

Dale & Julie P

As I first met Janelle, I was impressed by the measures she had gone to, to maintain high standards of licensing as well as maintaining a loving home environment. She really has a way with children and really cares for them individually. My little boy enjoys the time spent at Janelle’s, and often when I pick him up, he’s been having so much fun at Janelle’s he hasn’t wanted to leave. I’ve felt comfortable in asking Janelle for advice, as well as sharing news about our little boy. She has always been genuinely interested in us. I feel we are very lucky to have Janelle as a child care provider.

Becky C

Janelle was a 100 times more caring and knowledgable than any of the other daycare centers we researched. Just her experience of being a mother of 5 is enough, let alone her years of being a licensed daycare provider. We know in our hearts that our daughter’s loving, bubbly personality is partly due to the nurturing, caring qualities Janelle embraces her daycare kids with each day. We are thrilled our daughter had the opportunity to get her foundation for schooling at Janelle’s residence/daycare for the first three years of her life. She loves to come back and visit Janelle and her family. We love it there and highly recommend her services.

Alan & Laurie L

After choosing Janelle’s daycare we quickly realized how lucky we were to find such a loving, caring environment to have our son and daughter spend their days. Every day when we drop off and pick up, it is very clear that Janelle and her family love all of the children who go there. She provides a good child friendly environment, along with an age appropriate learning environment. The children play with the many indoor and outdoor toys, enjoy dancing and singing and always have a “fun” day. Janelle’s daycare and family have been more like an extension of our family, than a place we drop our children off every day. You won’t find a more happy and loving place to bring your child.

Michael & Lisa R